We create HoReCa equipment using 3D printing technology. 

We are the first company at the global market that have designed 3D printed straws which are both: reusable and biodegradable (although made from mixture of wood and corn, Thirsty Pleasure straws can be cleaned in dishwashers).But our straws are also so special because theirs shape can be fully customized – give us just your main idea and wait for our proposal.

We manufacture porcelain in any shape upon our clients’ specifications. But ANY does not mean a quartrat, a circle or a triangle. ANY means a shapes that no one else will create for you; shapes referring to the style of your restaurant or menu you currently serve to your guests.


This year we will introduce our own series of porcelain, which shape is designed based on the results of our scientific research, to make the finished product strengthen the taste of the food. 


Our projects are coming from cooperation with luxury brands, alcohol brands, hotels and restaurants throughout Europe. Thirsty pleasure is a team of great 3d designers and some of our projects are made in cooperation with selected design studios and artists.

We are constantly working on new products, dishes and bar equipment. 

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