We design personalized accessories that carry a meaning.

We believe that the scientific approach minimizes randomness, which is why in our work we use heuristics, psychology, scientific studies, business ethics and savoir-vivre principles, among others.

Our projects are carried out with Polish craftsmen who are the best in their field. We cooperate, among others, with leathercraft manufacturers, tailors and bookbinding workshops.

Among our completed projects are:

- Cups from the Ćmielów factory, personalized with hand-painted patterns according to an individual design

- Leather accessories, menu covers made of Italian cowhide with individual designs

- Leather coasters for drinks with embossed logo of our partner

- Elements of clothing and uniforms: ties, vests, shirts

- Jewelry, cufflinks and badges

- Personalized silk products: scarves and pocket squares

We create completely new products, including products made exclusively for our partners:

           - we design with the participation of famous artists

           - on request, we create packaging for each product

           - we have our own design and photo studio


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